In case you missed it, Biden admits FB is a state actor


In case you missed it, we just wanted to let you know that the government is admitting one of the major issues in the Donald Trump lawsuit. The US government said they are coordinating censorship with Facebook and sharing detailed information.

They will control what we are allowed to read. It’s equivalent to burning books. Who are they to decide what is “disinformation?”

Facebook acts as state actors, and the government admits they are violating our rights.

This is dark and it is authoritarianism. These people are very radical.




  1. Cool Hugo Boss outfits with armbands?
    Any special unity benefits for high ranking FB comrades?
    How about some treats for the original true believer long time members such as a pension or state benefits, at least a cool bumper sticker for the pretty pink Prius.
    Did those college dorm girls ever file suit or they were probably paid off for their role as the “hotness” meters in the FB demo or prototype.
    Tall tales of enterprising comrades toiling away in a dorm at Marxist U and then…FB was spawned from out of the primordial ooze and slime.

  2. Its been alleged that Facebook, Twitter, Google were created, funded, and controlled by a leftist cabal from the very beginning of their existence. Perhaps, this is not a conspiracy theory and needs to be investigated?

  3. As Biden and his Democrat anarchists move closer and closer to the Chinese Communist censorship model.

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