This is how the Democrat Hellhole of San Fran is doing


Thieves can steal up to $950 per thief in San Francisco, now under the leadership of terrorist-raised Democrat prosecutor Chesa Boudin. Before him, it was George Gascon who is now under possible recall in LA.

And steal, they do.

Boudin is downgrading felonies and misdemeanors and then expunging the records.

Half of the arrestees released in San Francisco while awaiting trial went on to commit crimes — while one out of six committed violent crimes.

Businesses in San Francisco are completely closing down or limiting hours because of skyrocketing shoplifting because the state’s woke politicians decided to raise the shoplifting limit for a felony charge from $450 to $950.

Organized gangs are coming into stores with several people (often paid) and calculators to make sure, that they don’t steal too much. The shoplifters often show up with suitcases.

The police, who are also seeing their funding cut back, don’t respond to calls, since nothing will happen to the criminals.

Most of the increase in crime over the last year has been violent crime, but San Francisco also is being hit by an explosion of burglaries, shoplifting, and property crime too. San Francisco’s Richmond District, typically one of the nicest and safest neighborhoods, saw an increase of over 300% in burglaries compared to the same time in 2020.

“According to the latest crime data from San Francisco police, the city’s central station has seen an increase of theft from vehicles,” local news outlet KRON 4 reported June 27. “From May 2020 compared to May 2021—went up 753%. The area includes Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown.”

Boudin is among a huge number of far-left [Soros=funded] district attorneys who have been elected in big cities around the country. The result has been a decrease in prosecuting low-level crimes.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

You reap what you sow and this is what they have created. They’ll have to live with it until they get smarter. So that will be quite a while.

1 year ago

Before Silicone Valley, San Fransico was a story book city. All you have to do is look at pre-1975 movies and you will understand.

Oracle Watchman
1 year ago

They have ignored God’s warnings of fire, next… 9.0 earthquake and mega tsunami. Maybe some of them will wake up after that.

Swedish Subtitles
Swedish Subtitles
1 year ago

Have they started carting off with building fixtures and other recyclables such as pipes and AC units. Oh…already done.
There were some cases of human urine rotting out streetlights until they fall over.
A cautionary tale, to never pass the buck regarding social tolerance standards or let shitlibs reign for decades.
Maybe sell San Fran to the Big Tech Bolshies and wall it off? (snark)

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
1 year ago

In the 1960s I lived on the street behind where Huey Newton had his penthouse on Lake Merritt in Oakland. The Black Panthers were safer to be around than any of this anarchy going on now in the Bay Area.