In NY, You Can Be Charged with a Crime That Doesn’t Exist


The indictment of Donald Trump does not cite a law he has broken. Soros DA Bragg said he doesn’t have to tell us what law was broken. Bragg might create a new precedent of charging people who didn’t actually break a law.

If it were illegal to influence an election, countless Democrats would be in prison. The campaign finance violation would only come into play if he used campaign funds instead of his personal funds.

Some of us wonder how a Manhattan DA can prosecute a federal law.

JD Rucker writes:

Prima facie, this indictment is a joke. It demonstrates the degradation of the United States of America under the Biden-Harris regime and Uniparty Swamp rule. Most importantly, both Alvin Bragg and this indictment are national embarrassments, as I noted on Twitter.

Bragg admitted “the indictment does not specify” which particular crimes these might be, leaving the door open for Trump’s team to challenge the legitimacy of the charges.

“What struck me was the statement of facts which laid out what I would consider to be facts related to a conspiracy,” said Jim Roberts, a white-collar defense lawyer at Schlam Stone & Dolan and a former Manhattan assistant district attorney. “That charge [conspiracy] is notably absent from the formal charges that are contained in the indictment,” he added, unlike the one brought against former Trump adviser Steve Bannon by the same office last year.

“The multiple theories of the predicate crime required to elevate the misdemeanor charge … to a felony might be akin to an everything but the kitchen sink approach,” Roberts added.

George Washington U Law School Professor Jonathan Turley called it a “patently political prosecution.” Professor Turley thinks the “case could collapse.”

Bragg has to tell Donald Trump what crime he committed eventually. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with in that BS cauldron of his.

As Bret Baier reports, Bragg said he doesn’t have to tell us the laws Donald Trump broke. Imagine that in New York, we can now commit crimes that don’t exist, or if they do, they don’t have to tell us what they are. That’s a little too police-state-ish – don’t you think?

We can’t find a criminal statute, but we’ll keep looking.

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy says Bragg is “prosecuting a federal crime under the guise of state law.”

If the bar is you don’t need to break a state law to be charged, Bragg should be able to arrest real criminals better than he does. More than half of the felons have their felonies bumped down to misdemeanors in Bragg’s office.

Even CNN finds it UNDERWHELMING. It’s the same case as it existed for seven years, [and no one would charge based on that except Alvin.]

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