Chicago Elects an Anti-White, Anti-Police Communist as Mayor


Just when you think there couldn’t be someone worse than Lori Lightfoot, Chicago elects an anti-white, anti-police Communist, Brandon Johnson, as mayor. The communist teachers’ union fed big bucks into his campaign. He defeated Paul Vallas, a normal, more moderate individual.


The 47-year-old has advocated for more welfare [redistribution of wealth], especially for blacks. He established the “Budget for Black Lives,” bringing new investments [from wealth redistribution] in health care, public transportation, internet access, and affordable housing.

He’s a fan of wages for the unemployed and wants to get rid of guns.

Time Mag calls him a “progressive” with “left-wing ideals.”

As all communists do to destroy our history, he will recognize holidays like Indigenous Peoples’ Day. He will also help illegal immigrants facing deportation get [free] legal representation.

Johnson, who won his seat as Cook County Commissioner for the 1st District in 2018, has been a longtime community organizer for the teachers’ union. They appear to be mostly communists and socialists.

Under his leadership, Cook County’s Just Housing Ordinance—which bans housing discrimination based on a person’s criminal history—passed. He will favor criminals and put landlords and tenants in danger.

“Working with the teacher’s union, Johnson also took part in the 2019 Chicago Public Schools strike, as educators fought for better wages, increased staffing of social workers, and more while positioning their protest as one that sought greater equity in the city,” Time Mag says.

Equity is communist lingo for wealth redistribution until everyone has the same results regardless of skill, intelligence, talent, and effort.


“Johnson has advocated for policies including reduced public transit fares and increasing social services spending, which he would fund by increasing taxes on big businesses.”

His tax plan, which he says would make “suburbs, airlines, and ultra-rich pay their fair share,” would generate $800 million in revenue.

Businesses will go downhill in Chicago, especially real estate.

“[Johnson] would increase taxes on hotels and motels that are still struggling to get through the pandemic, reinstate the employee head tax which charges businesses for each job they create within the city, increase taxes on real estate transactions which would stifle affordable housing development and much more,” said the Chicagoland Apartment Association, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, and the Illinois Retail Merchants Association in a joint statement.

And in a city where crime and public safety are key priorities for nearly half of Chicago voters, the former teacher has also been criticized by residents for his previous support of defunding the police. (Johnson, the only candidate during the first round who did not promise to maintain the police department’s current budget, later said he would not reduce their funds).

Bottom line: he hates the police.

Johnson had the support of significant communist and socialist political figures, including Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Rev. Jesse Jackson, in addition to Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. United Working Families, communist political organization that supports Black and Latinx candidates, also endorsed Johnson.

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