Inauguration highlights of a plagiarizer and his communist running mate


Just like the Banana Republic, we have fences around the Capitol, and 25,000 soldiers for 1,000 people in attendance. This is the new normal under Democrats.

Platitudinous Joe spewed a lot of hackneyed expressions during his speech today. All of them mean nothing because he and his allies want to impeach our president, reprogram us, shoot off machine guns at us, and silence us in every way imaginable.

It was a super reader event with no social distancing.

Joe doesn’t trust the military or police — without any evidence — but it’s only because some voted for DJT. He has no problems with any who might be tied to Antifa or Black Lives Matter. They did not vet for those people. In fact, instead of vetting our soldiers, why don’t they vet Antifa and BLM?

Bill Clinton napped during China Joe’s Inauguration, but who could blame him:

He was so honored to be there that he couldn’t stay awake.


China Joe said he wants unity so next week his team will impeach Trump, the president loved by tens of millions, then he and his team will reprogram anyone who disagrees.  They will certainly silence us.

This is unity, Dem style, you know, man? You know, the thing?


A PBS guy raved about this speech, but he forgot to add it’s all lies written by his handlers.

Sonia Sotomayor must be a racist since she mispronounced Kamala’s name.

Remembering Joe’s past:

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