Indianapolis protesters block traffic, draw guns on driver


Ammoland reports that about 100 Indianapolis agitators, associated with Black Lives Matter, were blocking a major roadway. They spread out so no one could get through.

As a blue GM Sierra pick-up approached, they spread out in front of the pickup.

They blocked the truck and drew guns, just to be sure the driver didn’t doubt their intentions while they broke the law. Imagine if a police officer did that?

Notice the communication system. They are organized astroturf.

Then the driver tried to get away, but they ran in front to block him. The agitators then tried to claim the driver attempted to hit them.

One agitator, self-identified only as “Icon” says he pulled his gun and jumped in front of the truck to protect a young girl. No such girl can be seen in front of the truck, although a girl appears later in the video, behind the truck.

From Indianapolis Recorder:

While members of the group tried to redirect traffic, a driver in a blue truck revved the engine, sending protesters scrambling to the sidewalk. One protester, who only identified himself as “Icon,” pulled a gun on the driver.

“I was scared he was going to kill me,” he said. “I stepped in front of a little girl when he revved his engine, but, yes, I absolutely drew a gun to defend myself.”

The Recorder does not mention the other agitator with his gun, or the fact the agitators were illegally blocking the street, Ammoland writes.

Read the rest of the story at Ammoland and cry at the state of the union. If you like what you see, definitely vote the Democrat ticket.

These losers need to be put in their place but no one seems to have the guts to do it.



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