Ineligible Alien Democrat Voted for 13 Years in Manhattan


Manhattan immigrant Abdul Kargbo has been voting illegally for 13 years.

A non-citizen green card-holder in Manhattan appears to have voted illegally in city elections for the past 13 years — possibly one of “thousands” of similarly bogus voters, a city Board of Elections whistleblower told The Post.

Abdul Rahman Kargbo, 63, first registered to vote in November 2005. according to records from the New York City Board of Elections. He enrolled in the Democratic Party and voted in nine general and primary elections between 2008 and 2021, the records show.

A city BOE insider told The Post there “could be thousands” of illegal voters currently registered and regularly voting.

Manhattan has about one million illegal aliens. In fact, Manhattan’s city council has been trying to okay foreigners voting in local elections after only living in Manhattan for only six months.

They don’t check. There are no real safeguards in place.

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