Inflation “Reduction” Act Gives Unfettered Power to Biden EPA


The Law Makes It Near Impossible to Challenge Their Unfettered Power Over Energy

As Ben Shapiro said, It’s amazing how fast the “Inflation Reduction Act” became a “Climate Law,” and now we find out that it grants unfettered power to the EPA to regulate carbon emissions on a straight party-line vote.

Windmills are eagle killers. Eagles will be gone by 2050. We’ll need a new bird to symbolize the country unless Dems destroy us too by then.

It basically negates the Supreme Court ruling reigning in the Biden administration’s EPA unfettered power over energy.

The measure legally defines greenhouse gases as pollution. That’ll make new regulations much tougher to challenge in court, as The NY Times reports.

“When the Supreme Court restricted the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to fight climate change this year, the reason it gave was that Congress had never granted the agency the broad authority to shift America away from burning fossil fuels. Now it has,” Lisa Friedman writes at the Times.

Their power is now unfettered.

Millions of these babies coming California’s way. They poison landfills.

People Know It Doesn’t Reduce Inflation

Despite all the media support for the Inflation Reduction Act, the majority of registered voters don’t expect the Inflation Reduction Act to actually reduce inflation, according to a new poll.

A Morning Consult/Politico survey reports that only 24% of those surveyed expect the $740 billion climate, tax and health care bill to reduce inflation while 34% said it will make inflation worse, reports NBC.

That’s right, spending nearly $800 billion on socialist programs does not reduce inflation. 71% of Americans believe the Bidenflation Scam will either make things worse or not make a difference at all.

This is NBC getting this result.

Inflation is also unfettered.

Democrats in general are unfettered un-American globalists

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1 year ago

The Democrats know they are Toast so they are throwing temper tantrum and trying to wreck as much of America as possible to get back at the Deplorables.