Ingraham warns of a potential Dem win today in Georgia


Laura Ingraham wants us to brace for a Democrat win today. The two senatorial races in Georgia are very close, and if Democrats win they plan to turn the country into a communist country. Ingraham suggests we prepare to resist the rabid socialists/communists who will sell us out and enrich China.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Laura was an enabler of the election fraud by following her fox script and making Biden the winner. Whatever team she is on, or pretends to be on, I am not a part of that, nor are any truly MAGA people. She is down 60% since she sold out. What does she think she is accomplishing by warning us? Will we suddenly join her side again and start watching her nonsense?

Democrat wins today will be an incredible embarrassment to the bumbling corrupt fool China Mitch. In just a short period, the idiot botched the defense and stimulus bills. Laura is too dense to realize that supporting the election coup, as she & Mitch did, merely leads to more election fraud. Mitch’s RINO gang has lost so much credibility since November, and they deserve to lose today.

Menshevik Persuasion
Menshevik Persuasion
2 years ago

What a bad idea it was to let liberation theology kooks, Marxists, fellow traveler comrades, Mensheviks (democrat socialists) and other Jonestown Kool-Aid true believers near the levers of power.
The great dumb down had to happen first and those who laugh at people who mention education is the key, they know it is true on a subconscious level.