The Dangerous Cuomo, de Blasio COVID Clown Show Continues


King Andrew, Slayer of the Elderly, is back on the warpath, once again punching down at his favorite whipping boy, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.  Andy’s angry because New York State’s rollout of the COVID vaccine is going very slowly, and worse still, he was being blamed.

Reports on January 1st said New York State had injected less than a third of all the vaccines available.

“It’s chaos out there. The state has no idea what it’s doing,” said Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin, particularly taking aim at the leadership of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“The Cuomo handling of the vaccine is blithering incompetence.”

McLaughlin said that county governments like his have been largely sidelined during the vaccine’s launch, with Cuomo and his team micromanaging the process from Albany, getting bogged down in details rather than putting the jabs into the arms of those who need them.

The mayor basically agreed, saying state restrictions on who can get vaccinated and when were causing the delays.

That kind of straightforward criticism of the governor cannot be allowed to stand for very long, without the “Luv Gov” blaming somebody else.  Enter Mayor Bill.

Andrew featured a PowerPoint slide with photos of local leaders, de Blasio easily the most prominent among them, and highlighted in all-caps “MUST MANAGE”.

“I need them to take personal responsibility for their hospitals,” he said. “This is a management issue of the hospitals. They have to move the vaccine, and they have to move the vaccine faster.”

To drive the point home Cuomo quickly moved to his typical default position, which is, all too often, bullying.  He threatened entities that don’t promptly use their allotted shots will be fined and barred from future shipments.

Specifically, he threatened, that providers must use the supplies they’ve been allocated by week’s end or face fines of up to $100,000.  And going forward, they must use all vaccines within seven days of receipt or face fines — and being cut off from future shipments of the vaccine.

Leaving aside the otherworldly irony of Gov. Cuomo lecturing anyone on taking “personal responsibility”, a City Hall spokeswoman said the governor’s threats were “punitive and unnecessary.”

Tragically, with approximately 38,000 New Yorkers killed by the China Virus, New York’s deadly Cuomo/de Blasio COVID clown show continues.



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