Inherently evil ideology of ‘coercive progressivism’ is growing in the USA


On Thursday, Scotland passed a tamer version of its Hate Crime Bill. It is alarmingly tyrannical despite the excision of some of the worst features. It criminalizes comments made in the privacy of one’s own home.

This equals the Chinese Communist totalitarian regime mandates or Hitler’s commands.

Stephen Daisley writes at The Spectator:

The legislation creates a sweeping new offence of ‘stirring up hatred’. Liable for prosecution will be anyone who ‘behaves in a manner that a reasonable person would consider to be threatening, abusive or insulting’ — or communicates such material — if he or she ‘intends to stir up hatred against a group of persons based on the group being defined by reference to race, colour, nationality (including citizenship), or ethnic or national origins’, or if ‘a reasonable person would consider the behaviour or the communication of the material to be likely to result in hatred being stirred up against such a group’.

“The same offence applies for hatred based on ‘age; disability; religion or, in the case of a social or cultural group, perceived religious affiliation; sexual orientation; transgender identity; variations in sex characteristics’, except for these categories only ‘threatening’ or ‘abusive’ language will be criminal. Yousaf freely admits that his law will even apply to utterances made in the privacy of the home. Penalties range from fines to seven years in prison.”

Before the bill was toned down, it had a section on prosecuting actors and directors of stage plays who “stir up hatred.” Judge and sheriffs would decide if they deserve prosecution.


This is the ideology of coercive progressivism. The ideology is here in the United States. We saw it in I-Max after the death of George Floyd, and we see it growing in California and New York. It’s a cancer.

Coercive progressivism is an ideological project to enforce a progressive moral code through the law, social convention, and brute force, but the morality itself emerges from and satisfies a post-Christian search for meaning. It is meant to replace liberalism.

Those currently seizing power are trying to morally improve us by regulating speech, ideas and behavior so that we can stop replicating the sins of liberalism: racism, privilege, and exploitation. They demand total compliance with their moral code, Daisley writes at The London Daily.

Sadly, their version of morality is evil incarnate.

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2 years ago

They have no morals or belief in any higher power so busybody do gooderism is their religion.
A sense of superiority gives them a rush for a few seconds and then it’s on to the next abomination.
People with a belief in multiple genders and making comments about “you can’t make up your own sexuality” in a tweet with a list of hilariousy clownish names of sexual preferences aren’t all that bright.
They will fall for anything and they will drag us all down into the pits of hell on earth unless they are stopped.
Push back is starting as I saw a NY Post article about the woke Red Guards being terrible miserable evil people penned by a professor in Tennessee.
Also the super straight movement is another form of push back against the Jonestown Branch Covidian holier than thou statist utopian genetic misfires. (racist!)

2 years ago

Cosmic System of Satan