Massage parlor killer says he was driven by anger over sex addiction, not race


The Atlanta massage parlor shooting suspect Rober Aaron Long took “full responsibility” for killing eight people and injuring one on Tuesday night.

Police officials do not believe the events were racially or politically motivated, but they are still investigating. Long opened fire because he saw the locations as “an outlet for him” to succumb to purported sex-addiction temptations, police and officials said during the news conference today.

Long, 21, was on his way to Florida when he was arrested, according to Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

The investigation is still in its early stages — too early to determine if it’s a hate crime. the victims might have been “targets of opportunity.” He did not resist arrest.

Not all of the victims were Asian, one was Hispanic, and possibly two were white, according to the latest reports.

Long shot five people at Young’s Asian massage Parlor. Two people died at the scene and three were taken to the hospital where two died. An hour later, three women were found dead at Gold Spa. Another woman was shot dead across the street at Aromatherapy Spa. The killer was seeking out massage parlors according to his account.

All of the parlors are on blocks surrounded by strip clubs and tattoo parlors. They are in ungentrified holdouts, Fox News reported.

The Twitter sewer has already claimed he was a Trump supporter and a white supremacist who killed Asians because of COVID. That was spurred on by suppositions made by The Washington Post. In fact, there is no evidence of that at this time.

So far, he appears to have been a religious Christian who is white.

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2 years ago

If the Twitter sewer claimed he was a Trump supporter and a white supremacist we will find out that he is a Democrat who hated woman.

2 years ago

He could have just went with another lube and hand job and been thankful for that.
No need to get all shooty with it unless Derp State productions is putting on another show before the big gun grab and final solution purge of YT.