Insane Terror Attack Drill in a Children’s Psychiatric Hospital


According to Law & Crime, the state of Michigan has agreed to pay $13 million to patients and staff at a state-run children’s psychiatric hospital over a surprise active shooter drill that occurred in December 2022.

They terrorized the mentally ill children who thought they were going to die.

Michigan’s state-run Hawthorn Center, a children’s psychiatric hospital, held a surprise active shooter drill that traumatized children and staff, causing some of the children to regress.

Six staff members and the parents of two children sued first. The children and most of the staff didn’t know it was a drill. Four more lawsuits followed.

The administration denied guilt but had to pay out.


Late in the morning on the day of the drill, the hospital’s director, Victoria Petti, directed a front desk clerk to sound genuinely afraid when announcing the intruders, according to the original complaint obtained by The Detroit News. In a secondary public address system announcement, the nonexistent intruders were said to be two men toting AR-15 rifles who had fired their weapons, the lawsuit alleged.

After that, a panic ensued.

Nearly 200 workers and 50 patients barricaded themselves in windowless rooms with furniture, the lawsuit alleges. Those inside armed themselves with makeshift weapons and placed phone calls to loved ones because they were afraid they were going to die.


The son of the lead plaintiffs in the case, David Horein and Kortni Horein, was 11 years old at the time of the drill. According to the lawsuit, he was given soap and shampoo to protect himself against the purported rifles, The Detroit News reports.

Great idea, guys. Hold a surprise terror attack with mentally handicapped children. I must mention the obvious. This is a totally, 100% Democrat-led state and they had to pay out $13 million but won’t admit guilt.

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18 days ago

Did Someone just see H.G. Well’s The War of The Worlds and think this stunt would be a great exercise??

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
18 days ago

When workers are no longer hired for job competence, then expensive stupid mistakes will increase. Now imagine a life threatening situation and many dying. I would be calling it murder.