Insanity in Maricopa? 74,243 ballots received with no proof it was sent out to the voters


Grant Stinchfield of Newsmax summarized the findings so far of the Maricopa County audit, and they are stunning. From what Jovan Pulitzer said, it will get a lot worse.

The auditors uncovered thousands of potentially illegal votes. Despite that, few officials care and CBS WINS this morning reported that only 200 votes swung in Donald Trump’s favor.


In only seven tally sheets, there was a 300 vote swing in Donald Trump’s favor.

Stinchfield said there were 74,243 more ballots [with proper documentation] received than were sent out in Maricopa County. Auditors found ballots that were not on the correct paper. Some ballots had printing alignment issues. That’s insanity says, Stinchfield.

Actually, to be specific, the claim was that 74,243 mail-in ballots lacked proper documentation.

In other words, they have 74,243 ballots that came back from individuals without a clear indication that it was ever sent out to them.

The race was decided by only 10,457 votes.

  • 3,981 voted despite registering after the October 15th deadline.
  • 11,325 voted who were not on rolls on November 7 but were on December 4
  • 18,000 voted and then were removed from rolls after the election.


“AZ Senate leadership hired unqualified auditors with a lack of election knowledge & a wealth of political bias,” Maricopa County stated. “The claims these contractors advanced in yesterday’s briefing to senators enabling & enriching them were not based in fact.”

They began by saying there were 2,364,426 requests and 1,918,024 returns, but the claim wasn’t that more ballots were sent out. The claim is that 74,000 mail-in ballots lacked proper documentation.

The County also disputed the claim that more than 11,000 names were added to the voter rolls after Election Day but were recorded as casting a ballot in the Nov. election.

They said they were likely people who cast provisional ballots. They added that the auditors are untrained and unskilled so it’s hard to understand from which voter roll they got the information, the Maricopa officials stated.

However, the auditors are not untrained and unskilled.

The auditors include former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, acting as the Arizona Senate liaison; a digital forensics expert with more than 25 years doing audits for private corporations and governments Ben Cotton, and the CEO Doug Logan, whose company has experience auditing for private corporations and governments.

As for the claim that Maricopa County is disputing, it is based on the voter roll file that was delivered to them, according to Logan.

Maricopa County claimed they did not relax signature verification requirements. However, Mr. Logan said he got the information from a legal affidavit.

“When mail-in ballots were received, that so many of them were received, that the standards reduced over time,” he said. “They originally talked about, there was initially 20 points of comparison on the signature, then after some time they were told to go to ten points a signature, ten points of comparison, and then five,” he noted. “And then eventually, they were just told to let every single mail-in ballot through.”

Maricopa County also denied the duplication process allowed duplicate ballots to be counted. When ballots come in damaged or from overseas, for example, their process allows the votes to be duplicated to be sure they’re counted.

The County declared that the ballots are assigned a matching serial number to compare ballots and it is secure.

Former Arizona Secretary of State and State Senate liaison Ken Bennett said that while some duplicate ballots are in bright red markings, some were stenciled on in pencil, and some were even missing.


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