Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, “Treason” or “Lying”? Asks a Reporter


Of all the awful Biden appointees, Deb Haaland might be the worst. Her qualifications for Secretary of the Interior are limited to her gender and race. After her responses to questions from Josh Hawley, reporter Lara Logan would like to know if she is committing treason or lying.

She claims in the first clip that she does not know that the metals we need for EVs come from China. I don’t believe she is this stupid and ill-informed, but then again, look at our president.

Treason might not be too strong a word. The administration is committing treason on our border. It’s illegal to give aid to illegal aliens.

Senator Hawley: “On the subject of these sweeping mandates related to electric vehicles that the Biden administration’s imposed, including now for our military, the metals needed to make the lithium-ion batteries in those vehicles are, of course, lithium nickel graphite and cobalt. Now, can you tell me what nation is the largest producer of refined lithium in the world?”

Interior Secretary Haaland: “No, I can’t.”

Senator Hawley: “It’s China. Can you tell me which nation is the largest producer of refined cobalt in the world?”

Interior Secretary Haaland: “No, Senator.”

Senator Hawley: “It’s China. Do you know what nation is the largest exporter of natural graphite to the United States globally?

Interior Secretary Haaland: “No, Senator.”

Senator Hawley: “It’s China. So in all of these instances, these mandates, your decision to trade off our energy security in favor of a radical climate change agenda is making us more and more dependent on China. And at the same time, you are denying mining. Blocking mining permits for mines in this country that would allow us to develop nickel and copper, and cobalt. Why? Why block the development of these resources in our own nation in favor of making us dependent on China?”

Interior Secretary Haaland: Senator, are you referring to the boundary waters?”

Senator Hawley: “I’m referring to the to the Twin Metals Mine in Minnesota. I think that Senator Barrasso was just asking about…”

Interior Secretary Haaland: “Yes, near the boundary waters, which is an iconic place and, of course, a very valuable ecological system to many plants, animals species.”

According to Deb here, we don’t need these good-paying jobs in mines. We have too many jobs.

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