Super-Rich Harvard Will Charge Full Tuition, $49,653 for Online Learning


Super-Rich Harvard Will Charge Full Tuition, $49,653 for Online Learning

 by James S. Soviero

            Harvard just announced that it will be doing remote learning for 2020-2021.  The school also unashamedly declared they would be charging $49,653, the price of full tuition.

            While the school will allow 40 percent of its students — mostly freshmen — to temporarily return to the Cambridge, Massachusetts campus in the fall, all instruction will take place online.

            We’re assuming those newbies and their gullible parents will be picking up the tab for room and board. In the spring, this first wave of students will be replaced by seniors, whose bills will likely be padded in the same manner.

            Meanwhile, sophomores and juniors, officials said, face the very real possibility of an entire year away from school with all classes taking place online.  Those “fortunate” enough to be allowed back on campus will be COVID-19 tested every 3 days, must wear masks, and practice social distancing.

            “Absent an effective vaccine or clinical therapy, this reduced density, together with a high-cadence viral testing program and universal adoption of public health practices such as face masks and frequent hand washing, is needed to safely host a significant number of undergraduates on campus,” Harvard officials wrote in a letter Monday.

            We’re left to wonder if Harvard, with it’s just under $41 billion endowment, will be charging their kneeling Ivy League sheep for the testing and face masks.  Hey.  Why not?



  1. 10 years ago, after an amazing and inspiring tour of M.I.T. as a prospective student, my son (now an M.I.T. alum and brilliant engineer) said, “Dad, we’re in Cambridge anyway, so we might as well check out Harvard.” When their tour was over, I asked him what he thought and his response was that their entire presentation boiled down to, “We’re Haavad! We rule the world. There is nowhere else.” He said they were a bunch of entitled, pretentious, pompous asses and he wouldn’t go there under any circumstances. (I told you he was brilliant).
    Also, after his freshman year he interned with several Harvard Computer Science rising seniors and found that although the kids were smart, their education was grossly overrated. He’d learned more CompSci in one year than they had in 3. Entitled, pretentious, pompous & overrated – some things never change.

  2. What else needs to be said… except maybe to add “Brainwashed” and/or “Propagandized”: Over-Rated, Pretentious, Pompous, Propagandized & Brainwashed. Academia… along with The Enemydia, the Social-Media and the so-called “Entertainment Industry, are the Four Horsemen of the Cultural Apocalypse. They are a blight on Learning, Truth, Fellowship and Enjoyment whose ever-expanding power must be checked and whose undue influence on Government should be, at the least, investigated.

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