Interviewer Arulanantham Wants EVERYONE in the US – Redistribute the Wealth


Even DHS Chief Mayorkas realizes there are some limits to illegal immigration. An interviewer named Ahilan Arulanantham, a far-far-left individual, pressed him to let EVERYONE enter the US. He doesn’t care if we’re short funds. His solution is REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH. Arulanantham said he represents foreign countries and hinted at lawsuits.

The interviewer was concerned that there were new regulations.

Biden instituted two nearly insignificant measures to curb the influx at the border. One was a parole pathway for illegal aliens from Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Venezuela to only come through airports so they could fly directly to job offers and apartment rentals in America.

The second, a draft policy, curbs asylum applications by illegal aliens crossing from Mexico. It’s rife with exceptions.

It’s not good enough for Progressives (communists and socialists). That should show you where they are headed. The United States will become a country without borders or identity. That’s called Third World.

Mayorkas even balked, saying he can’t handle 8,000 a day because Congress isn’t funding it.

That seems to be his only problem with open borders.

“We’ve done so much, and we have so much more to do that we will do,” the Cuban-born Mayorkas promised during the March 15 interview with Ahilan Arulanantham, a former ACLU lawyer. [Communists/globalists are deciding our future]

Arulanantham said Biden promised everyone could come.

“[Biden] said when families come here, we should have the capacity to bring them in and protect them …,” Arulanantham said. “I want the world where we treat everyone like we treat Ukrainians, and we don’t worry about whether it will overwhelm the system.”


Arulanantham is typical of the type of leftist who is guiding our futures. He’s a communist. Even Mayorkas indicates we can’t handle more. Arulanantham doesn’t care. He wants more REDISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES.

Biden’s migration policy helps the super-wealthy or the super-rich wannabes.

He has imported roughly 4.2 million people across the southern border, approximately one million legal immigrants and one million temporary workers yearly. Then there are the one million+ gotaways.

This vast flood of workers, renters, and consumers aids investors by lowering the hourly wages — and inflating the price of housing — that are needed by the roughly 4 million young Americans who enter the job market each year.

Lawmakers pretend they are not supporting it, but they are. Congress won’t send more money to get 8,000 a day. We’re almost there anyway. Read more here. Watch:

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