Iowa Bans Mislabeling of Fake Meat from Plants, Insects, Labs


Iowa passed a law to ban mislabeling meat products. The left continually attacks livestock people and tells them how to raise cattle. Finally, they get a hit.

Iowa will ban food manufacturers from deceptively marketing fake meat, fish, and eggs, which are plant- or insect-based or lab-grown fake food. They will be fined $10,000 every time they do it.

Maybe they’re desperate to unload it. Their sales are going down, not up.

Food manufacturers in Iowa will face fines beginning July 1 if they mislabel a protein-based product as meat.

“This legislation prohibits companies from exploiting the trust consumers have with our livestock producers and misleading consumers into buying products they don’t want,” Reynolds said. “This is about transparency. It’s about the common-sense idea that a product labeled chicken, beef, or pork should actually come from an animal.”

Florida banned lab-grown meat, followed by Alabama, which did the same. They take animal cells and grow them inside bioreactors.

The costs for cell-cultured meat need to come down quickly. Most people have a limited appetite for 50-dollar lab-grown chicken nuggets. Currently, the price is $10,000 per pound.

Plant-based meat, which is not meat, looks unhealthy.

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