Iowa Dems still making mistakes but Buttigieg holds a small lead, Biden’s done


Unbelievably, the Iowa Democratic Party’s caucus continued making mistakes on Wednesday.

They showed Pete Buttigieg increasing his lead over Bernie Sanders. But later, the Iowa Democrat Party (IDP) reported they identified an error to the update.

This follows the mess on the caucus night with no results at all because of a defective app the DNC made them use.

On Tuesday, IDP released 62% of precinct results, showing that Buttigieg maintained a lead in delegate vote share over Sanders.

The former South Bend, Indiana, mayor’s lead grew slightly Wednesday after IDP had released the results of 75% of precincts.

IDP then announced an error in an update released later Wednesday.

Those results, which brought the total precincts reporting to 85%, showed that Buttigieg’s lead grew by another 0.7 percentage points, but it was only 0.4%.

IDP appeared to have inaccurately attributed delegates to businessman Tom Steyer and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

With 86% of precincts reporting early Wednesday evening, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has a lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders of just under 1.3 percentage points in state delegate equivalents.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden are third and fourth, with 18.3% and 15.9% of delegate share, respectively. Biden wouldn’t even earn a delegate at that percentage.

Will anyone believe these results or even care when they are finally complete? Maybe that’s the goal.

Results as of 6:55 pm:

Biden is done and Bernie is very possibly the winner.

It was quite bold of Buttigieg to claim victory with no results. He gained momentum despite having nothing much to offer as the failed former mayor of a small city.

Biden’s done unless there’s a miracle in New Hampshire. Democrats afraid of Bernie just might vote for him or, perhaps, Buttigieg. St. Pete now seems a likely contender since he mostly sounds sane. However, he’s every bit as radical as Bernie. They are all revolutionary leftists.

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