Reactions to Trump’s Forever Acquittal! McCarthy Rips Up the Articles


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tore up House Democrats’ partisan articles of impeachment immediately following Trump’s acquittal in the Senate.

In a video, he said, “Acquitted for life,” which follows Pelosi’s repeated comments that Trump had been “impeached for life.”

This also follows Nancy Pelosi ripping up the President’s speech at the State of the Union.


Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement following Trump’s acquittal: “President Trump has been totally vindicated and it’s now time to get back to the business of the American people. The do-nothing Democrats know they can’t beat him, so they had to impeach him. This terrible ordeal was always a campaign tactic to invalidate the 2016 votes of 63 million Americans and was a transparent effort to interfere with the 2020 election only nine months away. And since the President’s campaign only got bigger and stronger as a result of this nonsense, this impeachment hoax will go down as the worst miscalculation in American political history.”

As for Romney, he’s no Republican.


And Donald J. Trump is still you President!

Hillary, not missing a vengeful beat, basically says anyone who doesn’t agree with her is involved in a cover-up. She is using it to fundraise.

President Trump employed humor. He loves to mess with the humorless left, and they never fail to react as expected.

Look at this silly person’s response, proving I’m right. The left has no sense of humor.

Chief Warren is very unhappy.

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