NBA will paint BLM on their ball courts this season


The NBA, clearly in bed with their benefactors the Chinese Communist Party, now wants Americans to accept the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter. They want this so much that they are painting Black Lives Matter on courts, perhaps all the courts.

Police have to banish the Blue Lives Matter flags, remove every Blue Lives Matter sticker, and stop using the name, but a communist anarchist hate group gets its name plastered on ball courts.

Seventy-one percent of BLM’s funds go to the leaders, employees, and consultants. Despite that, they found a way to go tax-free, even though they aren’t.

They’re probably going to kneel during the Anthem too or just ditch the Anthem.

Will you be watching basketball under these conditions?

ESPN reports:

The NBA and National Basketball Players Association are planning to paint “Black Lives Matter” on the court inside both sidelines in all three arenas the league will use at the Walt Disney World Resort when it resumes the 2019-20 season late next month in Orlando, Florida, league sources told ESPN.

The WNBA is also discussing painting “Black Lives Matter” on the court when it begins its abbreviated 2020 season at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, sources said.

A brief tutorial on BLM:

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