Iran Launches Explosive Drones Toward Israel as Assault Begins


Reporting by the Wall Street Journal at 4:30 pm EST indicates that a barrage of explosive drones was launched from Iran to Israel on Saturday. Jordan has shut down airspace over the entire country. It will take several hours for the aircraft to arrive.

Israelis said they are ready. You can expect them to retaliate as this escalates.

We are now dealing with direct confrontation, and the US will probably join. Joe Biden might start World War III.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is willing to do anything he has to do. Israel is a nuclear power.

The Israeli military is on “high alert” and “constantly monitoring” the situation, reports Wall Street Journal.

This should make everyone feel really comfortable: Biden rushed to the White House to meet with his national security team. This is the guy who has our borders wide open while he’s starting wars. It’s also the man who can’t seem to walk or talk straight.

The US seems concerned that this will be a phased attack involving drones and ballistic missiles that could begin under cover of darkness.

Biden had to give up his weekly vacation at Rehoboth to return to the White House. He’s discussing the urgent regional threats with his Israeli counterpart.

“Secretary Austin made clear that Israel could count on full US support to defend Israel against any attacks by Iran and its regional proxies,” said a statement. This came as Secretary of Defense Austin spoke with his Israeli counterpart Yoav Gallant.

Jake Sullivan, a very unimpressive NSA advisor, spoke with Israel’s national security adviser, Tzachi Hanegbi.

Usually, Iran attacks Israel through its proxies, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Houthis.


If Democrat lunatics continue pushing for war, would they cancel elections?

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