Venezuelan Man Tries to Rob a Bank with a Translator App


Fox 8 reports that a 20-year-old Venezuelan man, almost definitely here illegally, tried to rob an Ohio bank in Sandusky using a translator app. The foiled bank robber said he wasn’t stealing and only wanted the teller to put some money in the bag. That excuse would definitely fly in the New York City judicial system, but I’m not sure about Ohio.

Yeixon Brito-Gonzalez held his phone up to the teller with written demands in English to “Get the money” and “Put the money in a bag.”

The tellers ignored him, so he left.

When he learns English and is given amnesty by Democrats, he will undoubtedly be a more effective bank robber, plus he’ll get welfare.

Police Chief Oliver said he can’t prove he’s here illegally since he has no ID. Yet, he managed to get to a bank in Ohio, courtesy of the US taxpayer.

Since he’s a criminal and can’t speak English, it’s likely he hasn’t been here long, and did not come in legally.

He claimed he lost his job and wasn’t really trying to rob the bank.  Yeixon only came for a better life and just asked for money from a bank teller.

In New York City, the illegal migrants will only have housing for 30 days, and there are no jobs for them, so what happens when they are all turned loose?

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