Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Seize the MSC Aries Cargo Ship


In a helicopter raid, navy special forces from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps boarded and seized the MSC Aries, the IRNA news agency reported

Iran captured the MV MSC Aries, boarding the ship off the Straits of Hormuz, a key shipping area. There is a war on the sea and in critical shipping lanes.

The owner and the corporation are Israeli.

Navy special forces from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps used a helicopter to board and seize a container ship, IRNA news reported, adding that the MSC Aries was being transferred to Iranian territorial waters.

Video on the state-owned news network Press TV showed what it said were people using a rope to drop onto the ship. NBC News could not independently verify the footage.

US warships now moved in with the imminent threat of an Iranian attack on Israel. There are sizeable US assets in the region, but there are limits. Despite all the many nations represented in the area, there aren’t enough. Watch the clip.

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