Iraq Shuts Down the US! Moves Toward Russia & China Energy Deals


George W. Bush’s Iraq War, where we lost thousands of soldiers and didn’t take the oil and gas, did not work out. The new government of Shia Al-Sudani wants no part of the U.S. They are making energy deals with Russia and China.

Joe Biden and the secretary of state Antony Blinken are losing whatever ties we had with Iraq.

Sudani wants to move closer to OPEC.

The U.S. under Biden is destroying its wealth, which relies on the energy sector. At the same time, a powerful axis of our enemies forms in the Middle East and Asia. Without a strong energy sector, the U.S. cannot defend itself or grow economically.

Iraq oil now goes to China and Russia.

Blinken called Sudani and told him Washington “is eager to work with the government and people of Iraq to improve respect for human rights, increase economic opportunities, advance Iraq’s energy independence, and address the climate crisis.” That’s when Sudani doubled down on projects with Russia and China.

Why would anyone work with the U.S. after we weaponized the entire global financial system and demanded the destruction of the fossil fuel industry?

An oil deal was made with Russia in 2019, and Iraq will now basically let China do whatever it wants.

According to Insider, Iraq has “effectively now given China the power to do whatever it wants in terms of offshore oil and gas development; Iraq is also allowing Beijing to expand its reach further into key onshore fields as well. In the middle of last month, the China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp (CPECC) signed a US$386 million engineering, procurement, and construction contract to build a two-train oil processing facility at Quraynat to develop production in the southern part of the Rumaila field, Iraq’s largest oilfield.”

As for Russia, “Iraq’s new Oil Minister also shows no sign of reversing his predecessor’s intention of allowing Russian oil giant, Lukoil, to move ahead with the exploration and development of the huge Eridu oil field, despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.”

The U.S. and Europe are destroying their energy sectors while China and Russia work on producing more dirty oil and gas. China is moving for global control of the market and many other markets through its Belt and Road Initiative.

Currently, the U.S. is stupidly moving to an all solar and wind energy sector that cannot sustain us and will rely 100% on China.


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