Ireland’s COV Cases Surge Despite Harsh Mandates So Keep Obeying


Ireland has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. The officials have mandated indoor masks, vaccine passports, but they do let their people work, unlike Joe Biden. Yet, the administration of Ireland blames the 5% who haven’t had even one jab for a recent surge in the virus.

Deputy PM Leo Varadkar blames the 5% who haven’t had even one vaccine. He claims they are “causing a lot of trouble.”

“We do have one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, around 94 per cent of adults are fully vaccinated.

“Unfortunately the five per cent that are not (vaccinated) are causing a lot of the trouble.

Ireland’s COVID cases are surging, up 275% in the last month alone. Varadkar admitted the breakthrough cases are increasing. [Are breakthrough cases real or did the vaccine just fail?]

They now have partial lockdown but a full lockdown could come before Christmas. Varadkar is also pushing boosters.

His solution is more of the same that hasn’t worked and is ruining peoples’ lives.


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Abomination Of Desolation
Abomination Of Desolation
2 years ago

The globalists intend to cull 95% of the earth’s population in the next four years per the Georgia Guidestones.
The upcoming smallpox PsyOP will be used to cover the kill shot not a vaccine deaths and to do more culling.
The blood red killing moon is here for a nation that has zero respect for life.

(H/T-M Snyder)