Irrational virtue signalers take over the mask debate


Joe Biden is wearing two masks to double down on virtue signaling.

Have you noticed the people that are alone in their cars driving around wearing a mask? They are either overly frightened or virtue signalers. When people are rational, they don’t politicize an illness or the means to protect themselves from it.

As Frank Luntz says in this clip, it’s dangerous to politicize pandemics.

The media has terrorized people and in other cases, people – Dems, the media – have made it clear that you are a Democrat if you wear a mask and a Republican if you don’t. It’s ridiculous.


Democrats have us performing like seals with the rubber ball on our noses, but, as you know, they don’t walk around with masks on all the time when they are not before the cameras.

This is Joe at his recent birthday party with the Atlanta mayor:

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3 years ago

Have the studies and data in the use of masks the same as “highly effective” vaccines.

Moderna has an astounding efficacy rate of 94% in a 30,000 participant study. As some doctors have relayed, this is like a miracle to have such a successful vaccine in such a short time. But,, but,,,,,,but….. What IS THE DATA.

That rate was determined with an “astounding” 196 person evaluation. Nothing like numbers manipulation.

Should we say “sloppy study” in the way it was carried out.

The efficacy was by a

One is Neo
One is Neo
3 years ago

Divide and conquer always works on a species that is incapable of learning.
Just want to get back to “normal” and free of politics? Keep dreaming.
Fence sitters and comfort zombies better wake up because the time is tight.