Irresponsible Rep. Tlaib Blamed Jersey City Killings on White Supremacy


Rep. Rashida Tlaib, employing her typical irresponsible approach to everything, blamed the Jersey City killings on white supremacy.

She deleted the tweet without explanation.

Officials confirmed Wednesday that the attackers were linked to a black supremacist group, the Black Hebrew Israelites, a law enforcement official told The New York Times.

The cult is the same group that harassed the Covington Schoolboys, calling them crackers among other vulgar comments. They are black supremacists and they are not Israelites in any way.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says they are likely to target, Jewish people, white people, and police.

The group associates with hater Louis Farrakhan.

While we are on it, the officials in Jersey City can’t seem to figure out this was a hate crime and a terror attack. Political correctness strikes again.

Here are the ‘white supremacists’ Tlaib is afraid of, David Anderson and Francine Graham:

David Anderson and Francine Graham

Why did she lose interest in the Jersey City attack? Doesn’t she care about these murdered people? Why doesn’t she tweet about this anti-police, anti-Semitic act? Could it be because she doesn’t really give a damn about Jewish people???

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Alejandro M Castro
Alejandro M Castro
3 years ago

Rep. Rashida Tlaib search for ignorant words to try and insult the American people, because she’s one of the biggest hater of America. Many of us feel the anger against someone who don’t belong in our country.

3 years ago

Gee Whiz Rashida, my first off the cuff thought on this terrible attack, was that it was Muslims that were behind it. You know the types of people that put you into office. From the things that have come out of your mouth, you could have been one of them.