IRS Abuse: Lying,Threats, and Illegally Gaining Entry Into Homes


The weaponization of government has never been more alarming than in the abuse by the IRS. Unfortunately, the media will not touch the story.

Jim Jordan’s Weaponization of Government committee recently reported on shocking incidents of IRS abuse in which the IRS went into people’s homes unannounced. In one case, the agent gave a phony name and said he could come in anytime he wanted.

Chair of the Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan and his Republican committee members produced a report documenting the IRS abuse. He cited the case of reporter Matt Taibbi and an Ohio woman.


The IRS conducted an unannounced field visit to the home of journalist Matt Taibbi
the same day he testified before Congress about government abuse. The IRS opened
a case against Mr. Taibbi on Christmas Eve—a Saturday—just three weeks after Mr.
Taibbi began reporting on the Twitter Files.

In the four-and-one-half years between when the IRS alleges it last tried to contact Mr. Taibbi and the day it conducted an unannounced field visit, neither he nor his accountant ever received notice from the IRS about an issue with his tax return. The IRS conducted its field visit even though Mr. Taibbi did not owe the IRS anything, rather, the IRS owed Mr. Taibbi a substantial refund. The unannounced field visit alarmed Mr. Taibbi, who viewed it as an attempt to chill his reporting about government abuses.

An IRS agent gave a fake name and used deception to gain entry into the house of
an Ohio taxpayer and then threatened her when asked to leave.
Without any notice, an IRS revenue officer conducted an unannounced field visit to the home of a taxpayer in Ohio. The revenue officer used an alias and was deceptive about his purposes for
appearing at the taxpayer’s home. After the taxpayer’s attorney told the revenue officer to leave, the revenue officer defiantly stated, “I can be at and go into anyone’s house at any time I want to be.” The revenue officer threatened to put a lien on the taxpayer’s home.

For now, the IRS promised to end the practice, but how long will that last? The one deeply concerning thing is that if Democrats have the sole power of the White House in perpetuity, this is the kind of thing that will be enshrined in our government. Democrats are very close to having a one-party electoral majority at this point.


Matt’s conclusion is in an article entitled, “Thanks, to a Politician Who Did His Job”: Sincere thanks are due to Chairman Jordan, whose staff not only demanded and got answers in my case, but achieved a concrete policy change, as IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel announced in July new procedures that would “end most” home visits.

“Anticipating criticism for expressing public thanks to a Republican congressman, I’d like to ask Democratic Party partisans: to which elected Democrat should I have appealed for help in this matter? The one who called me a “so-called journalist” on the House floor? The one who told me to take off my “tinfoil hat” and put greater trust in intelligence services? The ones in leadership who threatened me with jail time? I gave votes to the party for thirty years. Which elected Democrat would have performed basic constituent services in my case? Feel free to raise a hand.

“If silence is the answer, why should I ever vote for a Democrat again?”

It’s a question every Democrat should ask.

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