Is Octogenarian Nancy Pelosi Okay? She’s Missing Some Arrows from Her Quiver


Why are all these octogenarians with dementia still in Congress? Term limits!

It sounds like we had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. The Speaker can’t tell us.

She seems to be competing with Joe Biden for incoherence by the end of her Rah-Rah speech for Biden’s Build Back Better communist bill.


The transcript doesn’t help:

“The other thing that we’re getting or – we’re sending stuff over to the Senate.  Most of the product that we’ve done is – except now we may have added in the last hour or so – and some of what we added is Senate, to the bill, like hearing.  Bernie doesn’t like hearing – excuse me – Bernie loves hearing.  Manchin doesn’t want hearing in the bill and all that stuff.  So, some is Senate-oriented, and then we have the family/medical leave.  We figured if they’re putting things in, then we can put something in, even if Manchin doesn’t like it,” the Speaker said.

“So, we are getting some Byrd and privilege.  I think mostly we’re getting privilege scrub because privilege scrub is deadly to a bill.  Byrd?  Well, it’s important.  You have to take it out, but a privilege violation can take you out.  So, we’re, again, getting that as we go along as well.  But when we pass a bill, then they will see it in its aggregate and make some –,” she said.

There’s hearing in it or not, Medicare or not, Byrd’s in it.

She must be one of the many who gets Alzheimer meds deliverer to Congress.

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