NYC Firetrucks Down to 55% Due to COV Mandates


Two NYC firefighters gave The Epoch Times an update on the present situation of the FDNY under the condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

Most alarming was an internal document indicating that on Nov. 3, there were only 55 percent of firetrucks available. The normal number, according to him, should be about 90 percent.


“My engine has about 25 guys, and of that, half of the guys went home,” said the firefighter, who now has less than 30 days before termination.

Four fires went above 3rd alarm which the firefighters say is unusual. Two went to 4th and one went to a 5th alarm. Each alarm shows the firs is growing worse and would seem to indicate that there is a dangerous staff shortage.

“It’s very unusual. It doesn’t happen often,” the firefighter said, showing the Fire Wire app.

Most of the firemen want to keep working for the FDNY, but are not allowed.

“A lot of guys are looking for a side job, some guys are looking to retire, not by will, but because they feel like they’ve been forced.

“They want to work. My company is out of service today as we speak,” he continued.

“A lot of guys have to show up every tour and say ‘we’re here ready to go and you guys sent us home.’ They’re not allowed inside the firehouse building,” the firefighter said.

He researched the vaccine and feels it hasn’t been thoroughly tested.

“I listen to doctors. I personally don’t want to take an experimental vaccine. I already had COVID and I have the natural immunity. I also was tested for the antibodies as well. So my natural immunity is working. I got sick at least twice from last year till now and I have recovered 100 percent every time by myself without any vaccines,” he said.

Another fireman told The Epoch Times on Wednesday afternoon that “there were three multiple alarms today in the city.”

“That doesn’t normally happen. That’s a direct result of manpower shortages. So a third alarm, fourth alarm, a fifth alarm, all in 12 hours. That’s a direct result of manpower shortages. And the manpower shortages are a direct result of de Blasio’s mandate, there’s no going around it. Those fires don’t go more than a room or a mattress or anything other [than] a small fire, but now they’re [going through] entire floors of buildings.”

Meanwhile, the communist mayor claims all is well and 90% are vaccinated. We don’t think so.

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