Is Our Government as Corrupt as Mexico’s? Check Out Sentence for El Chapo’s Wife


El Chapo’s wife authorized murder, torture, kidnapping, million-dollar drug deals, extortion, and only received a 3-year sentence by a U.S.-Mexican judge.

Where are the Feds? Why aren’t they investigating this? Oh, that’s right, they are still busy looking for J6 paraders. This agency is thoroughly corrupt. They don’t investigate, they just harass and threaten political enemies.

Thirty percent of the people in federal prisons are Hispanic, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Only the Hispanic prison population is rising, according to 2017 data, and the illegal immigration population had a lot to do with it. The same percentage holds for state prisons.

Mexican criminals are in control of the US Federal and State prisons and juvenile detention centers. What does our government do? They let more come in through our open borders. Our own government is destroying the country and no one will do a thing.

Biden, Harris, and the other comrades want to keep letting these criminals from the hellholes to the south into our country to hang tortured people from bridges and funnel drugs to our people.

Our administration is evil. All they care about is their ideology.

The lawyer, non-doctor, communist Xavier Becerra, who heads up HHS, is giving billions to illegal aliens and anyone he sees as one of his fellows.

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