Is the Pandemic Over, Should the Vaccines Be?


During a 60 Minutes interview with Scott Pelley, Joe Biden said the pandemic is over, but, as is typical, the White House walked it back the next day. Whoever is running the White House is the person or person[s] who walks back Biden’s off-script comments.

If it is over, the mandates and emergency orders need to go away, along with the wild spending and wealth redistribution of college debt.

Here are some walk backs that turned up on a quick duck duck go search:


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We don’t know who the president is, but it could be Barack Obama and his Marxist appointees in the White House.

Dr. Panda explores the question, saying masks have been gone for a while in red states, and no one dropped dead in the streets during the “winter of death.”

“Studies show virtually no difference in death or infection rates. Americans have declared the pandemic over a long time ago,” Dr. Panda says.

“On the other hand, average deaths in the United States are 360 daily. A level that has plateaued at this level since April. We have, on average, 60,000 new daily cases, still high even as testing is down. The average life expectancy in 2020 and 2021 had its sharpest two-year decline in nearly 100 years. Excess mortality, here in the US and worldwide, is increasing. COVID-19 is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.”

Dr. Panda asks the question, Is the Pandemic over?

We are pushing vaccines that only have an emergency use authorization. Why?


Earlier this month, Dr. Peter McCullough, who never agreed with the COVID vaccines, said the vaccines did more harm than good.

“It was clear that the advice from the CDC was erratic, it was inconsistent, but yet it was dictatorial.” He explains that the CDC should never have given advice on contagion control, as this is the realm of doctors and those who look after patients. What they did was highly irresponsible.

No Evidence

“There was no evidence to support public masking or hand sanitizers or social distancing,” he explains. And recently, he said that we’ve seen Dr. Deborah Birx come out saying that she created this protocol out of whole cloth because masks were to COVID as condoms were to the AIDS epidemic. It was something tangible to make people feel like they were stopping the spread.

He explains that studies have shown the same viral load between someone who is vaccinated and someone who is not, so there is NO medical backing whatsoever for any kind of vaccine mandate. This is huge news.

He also states that the vaccines never reduced hospitalizations or deaths, either. In fact, those unvaccinated folks, demonized as grandmother-killers, may have had the right idea all along. McCullough explains that “The data poured in from Canada, the U.K., Israel, Europe, South Africa, and Australia, clearly showing that when they account for who’s been fully vaccinated, that indeed, the fully vaccinated are doing far worse with Covid-19 than those who are unvaccinated.”

The New Untested Booster

He also mentions that in Fauci’s departure letter, there is no mention of Covid-19. This news comes as a new booster on the way is admitted to have had no human testing – only rodent testing data.

Dr. McCullough noted that “This is the first time in medical history that a product was developed and not tested in a single human being, and the government’s going to roll this out and now say, ‘A needle in every arm.’”

McCullough states that Pfizer has had plenty of time and money to do actual human trials. The fact that they have not is highly suspicious and may show that they are trying to get away with not having negative testing results.

He dropped another major bombshell. “The vaccines did more harm than good in the original randomized trials.”

He said that Pfizer knew that well over a thousand deaths had occurred within 90 days of the vaccine rollout and did nothing about them. They kept the vaccine on the market despite this.

According to Dr. McCullough, it shows that Pfizer has worked to actively suppress any negative information about the vaccines, even though they knew that it cost lives. He explained that the FDA is working to protect Pfizer and the other vaccine manufacturers. When it comes time to assign blame to either them or the FDA, it’s going to come down to a game of finger-pointing, and no one entity will be able to be held responsible.

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1 year ago

The Democrats won a Stolen Election, but in the Process will loose everything. Over the next five years I see the total s=destruction of the Democrat Party and Democrats, RINOs, and Communist…

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

McCullough is fantastic. He knows the subject inside and out. He knows the science and the crooked people involved. His observation that the jab does not reduce severity tears down the last piece of accepted disinformation. Flus reduce in severity over time in what is called attenuation, and attenuation was well underway by the time the jabs came out. So of course severity was reduced at that time. It’s funny that a jab which makes so many people ill (some told me of 2 days in bed) is considered by the sheeple to be beneficial.

He and Malone consider Fauci to be an incompetent test funder/coordinator.

1 year ago

We know that Traitor Joe is not running the Government. Unelected Puppet Masters are.

One of the the things we should NEVER let Government at any level do is mandate vaccines or force you to put anything into your body. If a Vaccine is safe and effective, most people will get the vaccine. The problem is that we can’t trust Government to properly vet anything anymore. The Federal Government should not be allowed to mandate that people buy anything and Tax Law restricted to equal taxation, not forcing government policy on people. The 16th Amendment has to go!

Next is the issue of masking and house arrest. If an outbreak is germ or particle based, mask make sense and studies support mask use, but it should NEVER be mandatory. Mask use for a virus is silly! Mass House Arrest should never be allowed. Quarantine requires the test of an individual first and once tested, government has the right to CONSIDER house arrest for a minimal amount of time that is deemed peer reviewed scientifically acceptable to limit the spread of a deadly illness. Deadly should be deaths in excess of .25% of healthy people between 18 and 65.

We need a National consensus on these issues and spell out in detail what the Government can do and strip Government of any powers in excess of what is clearly spelled out. Since the Federal Government can not be trusted on these issues, we should replace all Federal Government Agencies related to Health with a 2/3s consensus of State Health Departments.

We should consider the dismantling of all Duplicate Federal Bureaucracies and replace them with a consensus of State Agencies starting with Energy, EPA, Education, Housing, Business, Economy, Transportation, Agriculture, and Labor. We are the United States of America. We should not allow the Federal Governmetn to make policies contrary to the will of the People. The Federal Government should be limited to only International Issues, and specific disputes between States. In order to preserve States Rights, the 17th Amendment has to go. The 17th Amendment creates a knee jerk Mob Rule Democracy which weakens both State and Individual Rights.

A simple reality is the Federal Government has way too much power and States and The People need to take most of that power back from the Federal Government. The Federal Courts need to be kept in check also, no more National Mandates by the Courts; only the Supreme Court should have that authority.