Evil In Our Schools and Our Medical Profession



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), a product of, by, and for the libs, have taken on an Orwellian aspect. It has become a tool of “groupthink, censorship, and exclusion,” Jay Greene and Frederick Hess write in National Review (NR) reports. The authors found that DEI administrative units now threaten free inquiry and academic integrity at too many colleges and universities.

This is the ideology of WOKE, of so-called libs who are anything but liberal.

According to the NR authors, the DEI infrastructure has to be rolled back. The diversity officers are unaccountable on campuses. They use so-called anti-racism to attack structures, practices, behaviors, and attitudes. This control over students’ very souls is proceeding at an extraordinary rate. Typical universities have as many as 45 commissariat officers, which is more than special needs employees, even though it’s a legal requirement, unlike diversity officers.

In practice, there’s little credible evidence it produces better outcomes in diversity and inclusion. Surveys, including minority students, show that it’s producing the opposite results. Research shows the campus climate deteriorates. It doesn’t create tolerance, but there is evidence it creates a more culturally rigid campus.

The diversity officers run around looking for offenses against the mandated orthodoxy among staff and students.

Bureaucratic bloat and costs are also part of the problem of already-expensive colleges.

DEI pushes anti-Semitism and looks for micro-aggressions to destroy the past, look for new structures, and kill free speech. National Review calls for the rollback of all of these support staff. DEI now has a burdensome bureaucracy. They are exerting a disproportionate influence on universities. They allow discrimination in hiring people with “unacceptable” political views. At least do it in red states.


Antiracists believe it is justifiable to engage in outright discrimination and bigotry—abrogating rights, treating us as unequal under the law, and rigging opportunities—to the extent it advances the cause of “equity,” Ben Weingarten writes at Newsweek. They decide subjectively.

Libs, the WOKES, teach anti-white racism.

This experiment in social engineering erodes liberty and justice, foments societal rancor and division, and ultimately leaves us a poorer, less secure country.

Antiracists have another fatal flaw: Antiracists are racist on their own terms to the extent their favored policies contribute to inequity. Many such policies seemingly will and historically have.

Weingarten asks readers to consider policing, for example. Antiracists see the criminal justice system as systemically racist, largely because minorities are incarcerated at disproportionate rates—rejecting or ignoring that those rates reflect the disproportionate underlying criminal activity. Minorities do commit more than half the homicides, mostly because of gangs. That is just the facts.

Therefore, antiracists argue that equity demands a raft of policies to weaken the power of police forces, up to and sometimes including abolishing them outright. But it is logical that if the authorities are to back off, if not disband altogether, crime-ridden areas will get significantly worse.


This WOKE movement is now also at the K-12 level after developing a self-perpetuating structure in colleges and universities.

Christopher Rufo has been on a mission to expose the corrupt ideologues attempting to ruin generations of children with, among other things, gender ideology.

“Woke teachers hijack k-12 schools in the name of their radical political ideology, deny it’s happening, accuse us of lying, and demand we provide proof. Then, when @realchrisrufo shows indisputable proof that they’re indoctrinating kids, the activists accuse him of harassment,” one Twitter user commented.

Recently, Rufo’s report in City Journal showed that Michigan’s Education Department encourages teachers to facilitate children’s sexual transitions without parental consent.

As one recent example, a 7-12 math teacher in Canada claims that things like 2+2=4 is racist.

Anyone who teaches children that a correct math answer is racist is belittling minorities and misinforming them. She protected her tweets after she was exposed on Twitter. While she is in Canada, don’t feel safe. It’s here.

Canada teacher

Here’s a groomer trying to bring Ontario children into his sexual fantasy. Chris Rufo brought this to the attention of the public.

Here is one from Dallas, Texas:


Gender ideology, like all ideologies, is very dangerous, and perverted teachers feel free to push their corrupting influence on young people.

Children as young as seven are getting puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones in an Akron “gender-affirming center.” Are parents naive or evil? What is going on here?

Like Chris Rufo, Libs of Tik Tok tries to show parents what is happening by posting about the radical groomers of children in classrooms, medicine, and entertainment.

Check It Out:


There is sexualization and promotion through drag queens. Don’t sexualize your child! It’s child abuse. Let them grow up naturally and have fun playing. Don’t burden them with things they are too young to conceptualize appropriately. Conceptualization happens at about age 12.

Drag Queens are inappropriate for children.

Teachers groom children with mandatory pronouns. Pronouns for genders are meant to control, not to be polite.

Books sexualizing children are also promoted to young children.


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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Do your own thing such as homeschool if possible, researching and seeking out alternative medical/medicine avenues, getting away from any bogus automaton ‘groupthink’ and using your own reasoning and individuality, not someone else’s.

1 year ago

Make a List, Check it Twice and when the War Breaks out you will know who the Enemy is. It’s just that simple.