Is the US Moving to Plan B: Hot War with Russia?


Biden told Ukraine they can hit Russia with US weapons, ostensibly to defend Kharkiv. President Joe Biden has lifted restrictions on Ukraine using weapons supplied by the United States against targets on Russian territory, but only to defend the under-fire Kharkiv region, a senior US official said Thursday. Biden keeps inching us closer to World War 3.

Politico reported that he did it secretly. Does he even know what he’s doing?

Ukraine allegedly asked for this policy change, and, of course, we gave it the okay. If they hit deep into Russia with US weapons, they will be attacking civilians.


On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted to media reports of the shift in American policy. Western accounts of the situation in the Kharkiv Region fail to show the entire picture, he said, pointing out that Kiev has been striking Russia’s Belgorod Region for months and ignored multiple warnings that Moscow would have to act to create a buffer zone to halt the attacks.

Putin added that the constant escalation of the Ukraine conflict “may lead to serious consequences.”

“If those consequences happen in Europe, how will the US act, considering our parity in strategic arms?” he asked.

Do you think Russia is bluffing?


Zeihan has a different take and isn’t as alarmed by the threat. He discusses the repercussions with less concern. He says Medvedev has no sway when he claims this is a red line. [However, Lavrov is sending the same warnings.]

Zeihan says Putin’s inner circle is incompetent and not good at prosecuting the war.

Zeihan thinks the Europeans have picked up on this, and that’s why they upped the ante.

At 3:23, he discusses upping the ante:

Rumors out of Hungary and Slovakia claim NATO has war fever and war hysteria and wants to attack Russia directly.

Redacted’s Clayton Morris has information that the US under fool Antony Blinken will get the US into a hot war. This means the US is attacking Russia no matter how they spin it.

He played a clip of Tucker saying they will look for an excuse to make the election fully mail-in voting for security reasons. This is a conspiracy theory, isn’t it?

Our weapons are anachronistic, and our leaders are incompetent. That’s true.

As Morris says, the committee controls everything Biden does. He thinks Plan B, attacking Russia directly, is on the table. If you have followed media reports, something is clearly up.

Clayton Morris believes it’s time to provoke war with Russia.

Watch the video to the end. for the media stories tied to the intelligence committee. [by the way, our borders are open]

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