ISIS Terrorist Who Wanted to Kill Prince George Gets His Face Slashed


The Daily Mail reported that the imprisoned ISIS terrorist who planned to murder little Prince George is getting some prison justice and it’s not pretty.

Husnain Rashid

Husnain Rashid will be in jail for 25 years for promoting terror attacks. On Telegram, he asked followers to target Prince George at school.

He himself wanted to poison him.

His fellow prisoners weren’t welcoming in Strangeways Prison in Manchester.. He was attacked by a prisoner who used a toothbrush with an embedded razor blade to slash him.

Witnesses said Rashid suffered a huge gash which started at his right ear.

This is who he wanted to kill.

A prison source told The Star: “There was blood all over his cell and the landing. Nobody likes him or what he did, like threatening that young royal lad…We don’t tolerate that kind of thing in Strangeways.”

Another prisoner suffered minor abrasions, possibly from trying to hurt the terrorist, and there is an investigation underway.

It will be a very long 25 years for Rashid.

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