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President Joe Biden allegedly brokered the deal for the hostages with Israel and Hamas and somehow, no Americans were included. They wanted Joe to look like a failure. Only four children have been released so far. Thailand went directly to Iran and got some of their 23 hostages released.

Fanatics showed up at the AIPAC president’s home to terrorize the family. The NY Post reported:

Pro-Palestinian protesters set off smoke bombs outside a vacation home of American Israel Public Affairs Committee President Michael Tuchin on Thanksgiving Day — while holding a banner reading: “F–k ur holiday! Baby killer.”

Video posted online showed a group of about a dozen protesters hurling smoke bombs as an unidentified man approached the group outside the house in Los Angeles.

A girl could be heard begging her father to “stay away” and “not get physical” as the group chanted, “Hey, ho, the occupation has got to go” and “F— your holiday,” a Thanksgiving message also on the “baby killer” banner.

Other footage shows the group had dripped paint along Tuchin’s driveway and left bunches of cloth covered in fake blood to symbolize dead babies.

The radical antifa, BLM, pro-Hamas Palestinians vandalized buildings, including tagging the NY Public Library, blocking streets, and gluing themselves to the pavement on Thanksgiving Day to ruin it for everyone else. They broke the law just marching without permits, and the city should bring in the National Guard.

Screenshot from a video
The fanatics were screaming this would go on until the war ended.

War is evil, and I understand a Pope or any religious person condemning it. However, Pope Francis’s choice of words is poor. The people who suffered through terrorism are the Israelis. They face an existential threat and are doing what they feel they must. They have sent extensive warnings before each bombing. To equate the Israelis and the Palestinian terrorists seems unfair.

What do you think?

Then we have the first Jewish president of NYU saying, “From the river to the sea” isn’t that bad.

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3 months ago

As reported, there were 13 Israelis, 4 children, 10 Thai and 1 Filipino.

After all the atrocities and this day of hostage release, Biden had the gall to, once again, call for a “two-state solution”. He just can’t help but mention the PA Final Solution anytime speaking about Israel. Caroline Glick is right saying all the ‘Palestinians’ in Gaza should just leave. Go anywhere, just leave.

It’s getting nearly pointless commenting with constant Captcha fails.

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg
John Vieira
John Vieira
3 months ago

Good IS evil…Evil IS good…the propaganda is becoming intense…and the retards are answering the call…