Israel’s Givati Brigade Uncovered Maps of Tunnels, Critical Intel


Israel has uncovered secret documents after they attacked Hamas in the “refugee camp” of Jabaliya, where they killed a mastermind of October 7 and other Hamas terrorists.

They found secret documents, including information on the underground tunnel systems.

This could be why Hamas offered to turn over all the hostages they held in exchange for a five-day ceasefire.

“According to Jerusalem Post, soldiers for the Givati Brigade of the IDF took control over a Hamas stronghold in the northern Gaza Strip, uncovering documentation that could be crucial for the IDF moving forward in the war.

“The facility was said to house Najaba terrorists and the Jabaliya-based Hamas intelligence headquarters.

Within the stronghold, soldiers uncovered Hamas intelligence headquarters and associated documentation, complete with detailed maps, tables, means of communication, and personal details about Hamas terrorists and commanders.

They found the same types of intel on the bodies of captured and dead terrorists, the Post reports.

“Command and control charts and operational orders for the terrorist organization were also uncovered.”

They are using this intel to locate and bomb tunnels.

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