Over 300,000 Radicals March to DC for Hamas


Many say the Israel War is a top priority for the US. If Israel falls, the US is next, and judging from these massive pro-Hamas rallies, the army is already here to take us down.

Some protesters are calling Joe Biden “Genocide Joe.” The crowd waved Palestine flags as they called for a “Free Palestine.”

“Now is the time to stand with the besieged people of Palestine! Gaza is being bombed by the hour. Israel denies its people food, water, and electricity. Tens of thousands more people are likely to die. We must ACT!” said the organizers, the Guardian reports.

Many of these people don’t belong here, and they’re dangerous. We should be cracking down on these people. Ask them for their ID and if they’re foreigners, send them the hell home.

We have Fish and Game agents who get tough if you don’t have your fishing license. If we can do that, we can ask these people for their IDs and deport them.

It’s not just people who don’t belong in the country, it’s Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are riling up the crowds. They need to be held to account. They openly advocate for the overthrow of the United States and our economic system. Yet, they have chapters on numerous college campuses.

Will the media notice that these are real Nazis.

Tucker Was Enraged About Speaker Johnson’s First Act

In this clip, Tucker Carlson is enraged that Speaker Mike Johnson’s first act as Speaker is to consider funding a foreign country. Is this a fair criticism, given that the government shuts down on the 17th, and this is the hand Johnson has been given? Is Tucker nit-picking? It’s awfully soon to criticize.

It would be important to know what kind of border security they will approve in the Ukraine funding bill since the White House has a piece in it that will expedite mass invasion and resettlement.

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