Italy goes all in on Hydroxychloroquine


Doctors in Italy are now widely prescribing hydroxychloroquine in certain combinations in Rome and the wider region of Lazio with a population of around six million.

According to Corriere Della Sera, an Italian daily newspaper, Dr. Pier Luigi Bartoletti, Deputy National Secretary of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners, explains that every single person with COVID-19 that has early signs, like a cough or a fever, for example, is now being treated with the anti-malaria drug.

The drug “is already giving good results,” Bartoletti says.

Malaysia reveals they have been using it since the very beginning. Bartoletti further adds that the drug: “Must be used with all the necessary precautions, it must be evaluated patient by patient. It can have side effects. But those that take it are responding really well.

We have just understood that the virus has an evolution in two phases and that it is during the second phase, after a few days (about a week), that the situation can suddenly, in 24 or 48 hours, worsen and leads to respiratory failure requiring intensive care.

Hydroxychloroquine is an inhibitor. It blocks the receptors in the kidneys and lungs which come under attack from the virus. The drug must be used early on — before the virus has bonded with organs. Andrew Cuomo won’t allow the use early on, but he won’t.


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