PBS compares European conservatives to Adolf but there’s proof Biden is a tyrant


PBS compared three conservative European leaders with Adolf Hitler — Marine LePen of France, Viktor Orban of Hungary, and Matteo Salvini of Italy. The comparison should really be with Joe Biden and his cabal. It’s remarkable how communists portray the opposite of reality as truth and people believe them.

Joe Biden is taking our freedoms away and trampling the Constitution. For example, he wants people mandated to have domestic vaccine passports to go from state to state That’s just what they did in Soviet East Berlin, only they needed a pass to travel from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Biden wants to give all our money away to their favored groups so Democrats can get their votes. They want Americans dependent on Democrats.

The administration has gone rogue, and Biden can’t run a thing, much less government. His anonymous, unaccountable cabal is running things.

Watch the second clip with Mark Levin because he uses The Communist Manifesto to show how Biden is making us into communists.

Watch the clip from The Gateway Pundit:

Watch Mark Levin:

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