It’s now okay to kill an unarmed female Trump protester


Why was an unarmed, 5’2″ woman crawling through a window into the hall of the Capitol shot and killed on January 6th? The guard claims he yelled for her to stop but there is no tape of that. Perhaps his mask muffled his warning. He was concerned about Ashli Babbitt’s backpack and said he couldn’t see her hands.

The guard, Michael Byrd, said he was “very afraid,” and believes he showed the “utmost courage.”

Last night, Greg Kelly interviewed Ashli’s husband, a retired Marine, for comments, showing him clips of the interview he had not yet seen. Mrs. Babbitt, an ardent Trump supporter, was an Air Force veteran.

Mr. Kelly said he saw no justification for this shooting, and he believes the killer’s name was kept secret because he is black.

Mr. Babbitt had read the transcript of the interview, and Greg Kelly played selected clips for his reaction. The first clip was Byrd introducing his mindset. The Byrd interview was very soft and well-researched as Mr. Babbitt says in the interview. He added that Ashli’s hands were first but Byrd said he couldn’t see them. Yet, he worried about her backpack.

He should have taken his mask off if he was yelling out a warning– the yell no one heard.

Byrd said in the next clip that he was taught to hit center mass, but she was at an angle and it hit where it hit. “She was posing a threat,” he insisted.

Lt. Byrd cried during the interview and Kelly thought it was fake. He asked what Babbitt thought. Mr. Babbitt acknowledged that and said Byrd’s getting threats, but he doesn’t feel sorry for him since he is getting them constantly for doing nothing but becoming a widower.

Byrd got teary when Lester Holt said people are saying they saved people from death. He found it “rewarding and refreshing” to hear.

Mr. Babbitt said Byrd didn’t know what was on the other side of the door but he shot anyway. Both Babbitt and Kelly agreed that Byrd shouldn’t have a gun, especially since he once left his loaded and cocked on a bathroom sink.

Mr. Babbit plans to sue and has a page to pay for the lawsuit:

Watch the two clips:

Michael Byrd thinks he’s the real victim and is possibly lying about the alleged verbal slurs made on January 6th since no one has corroborated it. Byrd described himself as showing the “utmost courage” by shooting the unarmed woman — courage?
More from the interview of Michael Byrd, Tucker isn’t buying it either:

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1 year ago

One can only hope that some day he pokes his head through a window at the wrong time.

John Vieira
1 year ago

“The dirty little coward who shot…”…was not Mr. Howard…even worse an UNARMED female…but like all his peer criminals he will be lauded and applauded by the pathological psychotic deranged Demoncrapicshariachicomrinos and their loathsome despicable brown nosed toadies in the corrupted MSM and their equally dishonourable allies in social media…

1 year ago

So, according to this interview it is ok to kill unarmed BLM or ANTIFA protesters.

1 year ago

As long as they are WHITE.

Shoot a blaq BLM criiminal, and the gates of hell are opened with a tsunami of blaq criminals pouring out to wreck vengeance.

Time to end them.

1 year ago

This idiot claims he’s a hero, and saved “countless lives”. Tell me, Mr. Hero, exactly how many people do you think Ms. Babbitt would have harmed had you not murdered this unarmed woman?