Watch Mob of Youths Invade an Apartment to Beat a Woman & Her Mother


A mob of about a dozen Somali youths invaded an apartment in Minneapolis and beat a woman and her mother while filming the event.

Allegedly, the victim accused a man, who is friends with the mob, of sexually assaulting her. It appears that the woman who was attacked leveled this accusation on TikTok, where both her and the man she named have a notable presence in the Minneapolis area.

The main video begins in an elevator as a group of Somali youths, some wearing face masks, approach their target.

There is a minor confrontation with a man in the hall followed by two people knocking on the target’s door. The door opens and the mob pours in beating the woman and her mother.

Many members of the Somali community have also responded, vehemently condemning the attackers. Several of the attackers have already been identified by online vigilantes attempting to bring justice, Alpha News reports.

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