J6 Beria Committee Asks SCOTUS to Reject Trump’s Executive Privilege


The Jan. 6 House witch hunt committee probing the riot in the U.S. Capitol has asked the Supreme Court to turn away former President Trump’s effort to block the release of his administration’s records. The Hill reported the news.

Lawyers for the House witch hunters in a court brief on Thursday pushed back against Trump’s claim of executive privilege over a trove of records. Congressional investigators (formerly known as lawmakers) say are needed for their probe into the riot. During the riot, two Trump supporters were killed, one at the hands of a Capitol Hill police officer, the other died after being beaten by officers.

Trump turned to the Supreme Court last week after lower federal courts in Washington, D.C., rejected his request to halt the National Archives from sending the records to congressional investigators/Beria hatchet people.

Democrats are destroying Executive Privilege.

The lower courts zeroed in on Demented President Biden’s decision against invoking executive privilege over Trump-era schedules, call logs, emails, and other requested documents. Biden declined to do so after determining that the House panel’s needs for the records exceeded any possible benefit to keeping them secret.

He may be demented but he’s still the nasty, cutthroat politico he has always been.

The corrupt Biden Justice Department, on behalf of the Biden administration, filed briefs Thursday in support of the House panel’s position in the case.

This entire star chamber committee is meant to keep Donald Trump from running for President and to hurt every Republican. It is 100% politically motivated.

“President Biden has determined that an assertion of executive privilege over the specific records at issue here is not in the interests of the Nation,” Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar wrote. “A judicial decision allowing a former President to override that considered judgment would be an unprecedented intrusion on the incumbent President’s Article II authority.”

Trump has asked the justices to shield the disputed records from disclosure while they consider his formal appeal from a Dec. 9 ruling against him by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

The former president maintains that the House panel’s probe lacks a legitimate legislative purpose. In a Wednesday brief, his lawyers argued that the committee is pursuing Trump’s records to build a case for a criminal referral to the Justice Department — calling it an “inquisitorial tribunal” whose “purpose is outside of any of Congress’s legislative powers.”

They have pulled this before. It’s a ploy. They are building a case WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. They are fishing for evidence as Lavrentiy Beria would.

The Riot Deats

The committee claims it was a deadly insurrection. The partisans are using the death of an officer who had a stroke the next day, despite him saying he was not hurt. They are including the deaths of two Trump supporters who had medical problems and were nowhere near the riot. They also included the death of two other Trump supporters. One was probably murdered by police but her death was ruled a drug overdose, and the other was definitely murdered by police. And they are blaming the riot for the suicides of four mentally troubled officers, one was a week after the riot and the other three were months later.

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Connery, Sean Connery
Connery, Sean Connery
2 years ago

O/T-It says riot deats for the title of the last paragraph and we will never forget the beautiful Ashli.

Across the River Delaware
Across the River Delaware
2 years ago

See how they don’t care about a precedent?
Dominion, SmartMatic, Soros, is why they know it will never happen to a CPUSA president.
Comments threads are hot with Trump is owned by the banksters or he is a member of the CFR and other front groups which is laughable.
How sad it is as the original Constitutional Republic gets destroyed from within by traitors.
The American Revolution and The Republic are some of the greatest things to ever happen to humanity and this is the beginning of a new Dark Ages.

2 years ago

Of one thing we can be certain, which is the traitor Roberts will do all in his power to persuade the wimpy Kavanaugh and Amy to join him to damage Trump, although it will do little good to stop Trump from regaining the White House.