J6 Committee Continues Illegal Searches Through Phone Records


Conservative Attorney John Eastman, who has advised former President Donald Trump, spoke at the Capitol rally on January 6th. He had nothing to do with the riot. Yet, AT&T notified him that unless he gets a court order to stop it, he will be forced to release all of his records to the J6 committee.

Mr. Eastman has not been charged with a crime nor is he connected to anyone charged with a crime. There is no evidence at all that he did anything wrong. However, the J6 committee is going after Americans’ constitutional rights, including his.

It is what the English used to do as they looked for crimes by issuing a General Warrant, and just going after everyone, barging into homes and taking anything they wanted.

“They’re just shredding the entire constitution, and then claiming it’s us that don’t support the constitution. It really is rather extraordinary. But you know Tucker, I guess we shouldn’t be so surprised. This group that wants to advance a Soviet-Communist style agenda — we shouldn’t be surprised that they are using Soviet Stalinist tactics to do it,” says Eastman.

“Where is the White Army here?” Tucker asks.

We cannot allow this but who is defending us?

Mr. Eastman has a fund for the victims of these searches at GiveSendGo/Eastman


Here is the Chair of the J6 committee violating the Constitution. He thinks you’re guilty until proven innocent and exercising your Fifth Amendment right is an admission of guilt:


John C. Eastman is an American conservative lawyer and former professor. He is the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, a public interest law firm affiliated with the conservative think tank Claremont Institute. Mr. Eastmen is a former professor and dean at the Chapman University School of Law. He is a former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

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