Vivek’s Vlad the Impaler Speech


Vivek Ramaswamy no sooner called for free speech for Hamas groups in colleges when he said he would love to see Hamas heads impaled on sticks at the Israel border. Vivek sounded like Vlad the Impaler to whip up support.

Vivek’s point in the clip below is that the US should let Israel make their own decisions and handle their own problems, which most might agree with. However, earlier this year, he called for funding to be taken away from Israel. The problem with that suggestion is they can’t survive without our weaponry and funds for defense. We make the Iron Dome and many of the weapons they need for defense.

The other problem is we don’t want them to start World War III either. Unfortunately, they won’t get decent guidance from our looney administration.

What do you think of Vivek’s comments?

Watch the Impaler speech:

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