Jack Smith’s Potentially Looking to Charge Trump Again


It looks like Special Counsel Jack Smith might be getting ready to charge Trump with yet another crime. Facing 770 years in prison isn’t enough for Democrats. If Republicans impeach Joe Biden, expect new charges immediately after.

In what is yet another leak, CNN reported that’s Smith is still pursuing his investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election. He’s making this J6 non-conspiracy into a broad conspiracy.

Two alleged witnesses who were questioned by Smith said that he was focusing on fundraising on baseless claims of voter fraud.

Of course, they’re not baseless. Never mind that the corruption in the 2020 election was broad and wide for every one to see from mail in balloting, ballot harvesting, unsecured Zuckerboxes, hiding the Hunter laptop, hundreds of millions poured into helping Biden, corporate alliances to defeat Trump, laws changed to help Biden, media providing endless free advertising for Biden, Google searches geared to help Biden, censorship across the media and social media, to so much more.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump ran the presidency in a very traditional way, and all he wanted to do was make America great again.


CNN also reported that Sydney Powell, who is indicted in the Georgia case, is still being investigated for fundraising. They claim she helped coordinate and fund a multi state plot to illegally access voting systems after the 2020 election.

Powell has also been identified by CNN as one of Trump’s un-indicted co-conspirators listed in Smith’s federal election indictment.

New details about Smith’s ongoing investigation indicate federal prosecutors are scrutinizing a series of voting breaches following the 2020 election that state investigators have been probing for more than a year.

The media and the administration continually refer to the alleged fraud around the 2020 election as a conspiracy theory.

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