Jada Pinkett Smith Thinks White Supremacists Are Trashing Her Fake Documentary


Executive Producer and narrator Jada Pinkett Smith blames ‘white supremacists’ for the flop of her new Netflix docudrama series, Queen Cleopatra, which has one the worst audience ratings in U.S. television history, Slay News reports.

The show has an abysmal 1% approval score. It also caused a huge backlash in Egypt by inaccurately portraying Cleopatra as a black woman.

As part of Jada’s “woke” crusade, she forced the show’s producers to change the race of Cleopatra to match her own, Slay’s David Hawkins writes.

The fake documentary, which focused on Cleopatra VII, the famous queen of Egypt, has drawn no interest in most quarters and fury in Egypt. They cast a black actress as the accurate depiction of the Queen. Records show she was of  Macedonian Greek lineage.

Egyptians Are Displeased

Some Egyptians want to kick Netflix out of the country for trying to rewrite history. One Egyptian lawyer is suing.

Egyptians plan to create their own Cleopatra documentary featuring her Macedonian-Greek heritage.

Are they all white supremacists?

Lowest Ratings in TV History

Forbes critic Paul Tassi wrote,  “While I had heard about the controversy surrounding Netflix’s “docudrama” Queen Cleopatra, I hadn’t been tracking it much since it was actually released a few days ago. It’s #6 in Netflix’s Top 10 list, and I don’t think I’ve seen it go all that much higher than that.

“However, the show has done something I didn’t think was even possible. It has not just the lowest audience score in Netflix history; it has essentially the lowest audience score possible on Rotten Tomatoes, a 1%. Not a 10%, a 1%.

 “There aren’t many critic reviews in, but those are low as well, with the show sitting at a 13%. But those audience scores? I’ve never seen anything like this. Not with bad shows. Not with politically controversial shows prone to review bombing. Never this bad, not in Netflix history. Honesty, I think not even in TV history, at least with this many reviews in (over a thousand)…

“The information, often inaccurate it seems, is also just very dull, and the entire thing feels like a dry soap opera,” Paul Tassi wrote for Forbes.

The four-episode fake-umentary is up to 2% with 5,000 reviews, says Insider.

The other 98% must be white supremacists.

Cleopatra Actress Tries to Downplay the Fake Facts

Along with her costar, John Partridge, “Cleopatra,” Adele James told the host Steph McGovern that people had been focused on the wrong things.

“Yes, we don’t know where her mother was from or her paternal grandmother, but also, the show is about so much more than the question mark over her race.”

James went on to say what she felt the show was really about, downplaying the inaccuracies in the documentary.

“If you watch, it is a very small part of the conversation, really, this is about the fullness of who this woman was, and she was a human being, and she shouldn’t be reduced to her race any more than I should or anybody should,” as per the Independent

The Critics Are White Supremacists?

There is no question about her race. No one questions her lineage except people who want her to be black, namely Jada Pinkett Smith.

The critics (white supremacists?) have been brutal.

“It is patchy sub-Game of Thrones cosplay interwoven with academics you’ve never heard of,” wrote Camilla Long, a top critic on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Characters had no depth, subpar acting, historians giving really low-value comments, too much info crammed together without developing any meaningful scenes,” a review on Rotten Tomatoes read.

“The show is not a documentary but a fantasy series. Terrible acting and storytelling,” another user wrote.

Alex Keenan of Screen Rant explained the bad ratings (Is he a white supremacist?).

“The top critics argue that the series had trouble presenting a cohesive finished project and that the informative sections of the piece lacked academic authority. In particular, several reviews noted that the reenactments dramatized Cleopatra’s life to the point where they did not feel grounded in reality, enough so that they detracted from the segments featuring historical commentary. Taken together, the consensus seemed to argue that the series lacked overall depth and needed more educational content and slightly less drama to create a better balance in the final product.”

Facts Jada Got Wrong

In addition to race, the fake documentary portrayed Cleopatra’s murder of her siblings for self-aggrandisement as necessary and her reaction as remorseful. History depicts her as ruthless, systematically murdering them to consolidate power.

In the film, Cleopatra engages in sword play but there is no evidence of that, and it’s unlikely.

She never planned troop movements as the movie indicates, and Smith assigns motives to her that no one could possibly know today, thusands of years later.

It was an effort to make Cleopatra into a romanticized strong woman.

There are no contemporary accounts of her life. Nothing was written until Plutarch (Greco-Romans).

Jada needs a dose of reality. However, if we can determine what gender we are and make up new ones, why not change the facts of something that happened 2,000 years ago?

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