James Woods’ Best Crazy California Tweet Is About Straws


Did you know that it’s not a felony to deliberately give someone AIDS in California. Neither did I until I saw James Woods’ tweet. On the other hand, he noted that in crazy Santa Barbara, you can go to jail for handing out an unwanted straw.

This James Woods tweet has to be one of the most telling tweets this week.


Waiters in Santa Barbara who give out unwanted straws face six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, thanks to a new bill. The first offense is a warning, but the second is a ‘Go to Jail’ card. No other locale has passed a law this stringent and ridiculous, but expect others to follow suit.

Santa Barbara is so crazy that the bill was passed unanimously last Tuesday. Bars, restaurants and any food-service business is covered. It covers all straws, even straws that are compostable.

If a customer wants the straw, waiters will be allowed to give one out.

Going to jail for handing out a straw seems a tad extreme. What if you give one to the entire family or a large party? Does that mean years in jail?

It’s a punishment with little to be gained.

As Reason notes, straws represent only 0.02 percent of the amount of plastic waste that is estimated to go into the ocean each year. What’s more, the United States is responsible for only about 1 percent of the total amount of plastic waste that’s in the ocean overall.

So you see, people who go to jail over straws are being absurdly overcharged.

It’s still okay to leave syringes around!

The goal of addressing marine pollution is a good one, but imprisoning people who are not for such negligible reward is absurd. However, the Progressive cities are moving towards more and more control of the populace over nothing. This is what Democrats want for all of us.

They want a country where people can get away with risking the life and health of people for sexual gratification, but go to jail over straws.

Democrats want to allow criminal aliens to roam freely around the country, release hardened criminals from prison, and they want to make criminals out of waiters.

This came about because a dingbat collected straws that she says she found on the beach in a short period of time. That was it for the board. The law passed.


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Inmates are running the asylum, cradle to grave control over everyone’s life is their ultimate desire.