James Woods censored for an undisputed video about Dominion


If you are on the political right, you might not be allowed to criticize Dominion voting machines despite serious issues that keep turning up. James Woods was censored for retweeting a video about the Dominion system.

Then there is the hacking issue:


Software and equipment from Dominion Voting Systems, used in this month’s presidential election, are controversial. One poll observer of Georgia’s primary earlier this year highlighted multiple problems.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced the state’s purchase of a $106 million election system from Dominion Voting Systems in July 2019.

In a lawsuit, which originated in 2017, critics contend that the new system was subject to many of the same security vulnerabilities as the one it was replacing.

In an Oct. 11 order, just weeks prior to the presidential election, U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg agreed with the concerns associated with the new Dominion voting system. The judge stated that the case presented “serious system security vulnerability and operational issues that may place Plaintiffs and other voters at risk of deprivation of their fundamental right to cast an effective vote that is accurately counted.”

“The Court’s Order has delved deep into the true risks posed by the new BMD voting system as well as its manner of implementation. These risks are neither hypothetical nor remote under the current circumstances,” Judge Totenberg wrote in her order.

The expert comments on Dominion:

In an Aug. 24 declaration from Harri Hursti, an acknowledged expert on electronic voting security, provided a first-hand description of problems he observed during the June 9 statewide primary election in Georgia and the runoff elections on Aug. 11.

Hursti summarized his findings as follows:
  1. “The scanner and tabulation software settings being employed to determine which votes to count on hand-marked paper ballots are likely causing clearly intentioned votes not to be counted”
  2. “The voting system is being operated in Fulton County in a manner that escalates the security risk to an extreme level.”
  3. “Voters are not reviewing their BMD [Ballot Marking Devices] printed ballots, which causes BMD generated results to be un-auditable due to the untrustworthy audit trail.”

Hursti noted that the “scanner would vary in the amount of time that it took to accept or reject a ballot.” He said they are always suspicious of variable delays. They can be signs of unauthorized intrusions.

Hursti observed varying processing times at different locations, further raising concerns as identical physical devices “should not behave differently while performing the identical task of scanning a ballot.”

Hursti observed that for “reasons unknown, on multiple machines, while voters were attempting to vote, the ballot marking devices sometimes printed ‘test’ ballots.”

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